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what we like...

When we go on holiday, I just have to go to the cinema a couple of times where ever we go. We have seen some real stinkers over the years. We can really only ever go to see big budget American films, because they tend to be subtitled. Last night we went to see The Punisher starring Tom Jane (?) and John Travolta. It is another Marvel comic book adaptation. It is one of the lesser known characters. He doesn't have any super powers, and he survives on nothing but desire for revenge, although he dresses this up as moral justice. Anyway, after his whole family is murdered, he sets out for bloody revenge, killing gods knows how many people in horrible ways. The action is good. Tom Jane, whoever he is, is personable enough. He reminded me a lot of Christopher Lambert. He even had the slight cast to his eyes. John Travolta did his usual turn as a cool crazed psycho baddie. I quite liked it. Mrs McMuffin didn't.

I am hoping to go to see Hellboy while I am here. There is another cinema somewhere, but for the life of me, I cannot work out where it is. I am determined not to ask someone.

Back out to the sunshine and a cup of lovely strong coffee.

mr mcmuffin on 16 Jun 2004 @ 11:48 AM ✲ Permalink


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